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Best Low Carb Cat Food

What are the Top High Protein Low Carbohydrate Cat Foods?

In this modern era, you will find plenty of homeowners with their own pets. Some prefer to keep cats and some like to keep dogs at home. It is needless to say that both of these animals are carnivores. When it comes to food, dogs are more open to varieties. However, when it comes to cats, they need a high dose of protein with little carbs in their daily diet. There are some cats that tend to get obese pretty easily. If your cat also shows signs of getting fat easily, then it is important for you to keep an eye on the animal’s diet. You need to provide a low-carb diet to the pet so that their weight remains under control and so does any tendencies of diabetes.

When it comes to cat food, there are several places where you can shop for the right sort of cat food. You may visit a physical store in town or even go online and shop from one of the popular online shopping sites. Wherever you shop from, it is always important that you read the nutrition label carefully before you buy any cat food for your pet.

Some of the Best Low Carb Cat Food

There are numerous varieties of cat food available in the market. If you are a first time cat owner, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right food for your beloved pet. To make things simple for you, there are 5 of the best low carb cat food discussed below for your benefit.

1. Dr. Tim’s – Premium Natural Cat Food

Amongst all the available low carb cat foods in stores, Dr. Tim’s Premium Natural Cat Food is considered to be one of the best. It has mostly received 5-star and 4-star ratings from users. Apart from the taste that cats usually love a lot, the quality of the food is also pretty good. It has been seen that when cats are given this low carb cat food, most of them have been cured of bladder crystals and diabetes. Some of the popular and experienced vets also recommend this cat food to cat owners.

Dr. Tim’s Premium Natural Cat Food happens to be an economical choice. However, the first ingredient of this product is meat. This helps the cat remain satisfied for long. Add to that the fact that this product contains fish oils that helps to boost the brain and heart functions.


  • Comes with a high-protein and low-carb formula along with L-carnation that promotes perfect lean body weight.
  • Food was developed keeping in mind that cats are carnivores.
  • Comes with a unique fiber combination that enhances immunity and also reduces hairballs.
  • EPA and DHA from fish oils help with immunity, brain function, inflammation, shedding, and heart function.
  • Low magnesium, methionine, and low-ash meat protein levels may assist in maintaining and acidic urine for better urinary health.


  • May seem to be pricey to some users

2. Tiki Cat – Aloha Friends Food for Adult Cats and Kittens

The Tiki Cat – Aloha Friends Food for Adult Cats and Kittens is also a recipient of 5-star ratings from its users. Cats tend to get overwhelmed by the taste of this cat food as it is greatly influenced by the taste of real meat in the food product. Even if you have a fussy cat, the animal will simply fall in love with this food. Cats that suffer from digestion issues also tend to show great improvement after getting this cat food in their daily diet.

One of the best features of the Tiki Cat – Aloha Friends Food for Adult Cats and Kittens is that cats do not vomit after having this food product. In a way it saves your precious carpets. There is a slight inclusion of pumpkin in the Tiki Cat – Aloha Friends Food for Adult Cats and Kittens that basically serves as a mild source of fiber for cats. This prevents your pet from ingesting hairballs and also improves its digestion.


  • Nutrient-rich real tuna happens to be the first ingredient. It provides the right sort of nutrition that cats usually require and also the perfect flavor.
  • It is a grain-free cat food. This helps the cat receive a balanced and complete nutrition. It also happens to be best suited for cats of all life stages.
  • It is a nutrient and protein-rich cat food that comes with real meat and fish, along with grain-free ingredients.
  • The Tiki Cat – Aloha Friends Food for Adult Cats and Kittens is a high-moisture wet cat food that lets your pet receive supplemental water.


  • Some cats may not like the taste or the smell of the food.
  • Some users find it too watery with less substance.

3. Crave – Grain-Free High-Protein Cat Food

Do you have a cat that is too finicky about the taste and smell of cat foods? If you do, then the Crave – Grain-Free High-Protein Cat Food will be a good option for the pet. Cats seem to love the taste and smell of this cat food and also feel satisfied by the high-protein content of this cat food product. It is a wet cat food that is packed with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that help your pet lead an optimum health. Crave also contains 40% protein and the food itself is grain-free.

One of the best parts about Crave – Grain-Free High-Protein Cat Food is that it is free from any preservatives and artificial flavors. It also lacks artificial colors and does not have any grains or byproducts of meat. The cat food contains high-protein that makes it seem somewhat like the traditional carnivorous diet. This type of food also helps to support good digestion, lean muscles, and a health immune system of your pet cat. If your cat suffers from digestive issues, switching to Crave – Grain-Free High-Protein Cat Food may help overcome the problem.


  • The number one ingredient in this product is real chicken.
  • Does not contain any grains or meat byproducts.
  • It is a low-carb grain-free cat food recipe that is inspired by the natural carnivorous diet of cats.
  • This high-protein cat food provides all the essential nutrients that help to develop muscles, improve immune system, and also boost digestion.


  • Some cats may feel sick after having it.
  • Some users claim it to contain too much chemicals.

4. Ketogenic Pet Foods – Natural Dog and Cat Food

As the name suggests, this food is suitable for both cats and dogs alike. Although the packaging of the food product may look boring to you, cats do love the taste and the smell of the food product. The ketogenic Pet Foods is highly recommended for cats because it contains a variety of organ meat, including beef hearts and beef liver. This allows cats to enjoy a high-fat and high-protein content.

Organ meat is good since it provides a good mix of minerals and vitamins. If you do not provide this food product as a primary food for your beloved pet, you can definitely give it as a supplement diet.


  • Ketogenic pet food variations are meat based. It comes with plenty of fat and protein without any conventional starches.
  • Oils and micronutrients help to enhance the nutritional value and also help to restore metabolic balance.
  • The cat food is entirely made in the US and it easily exceeds the nutritional levels that is established by the AAFCO.


  • Some cats may not like the product.

5. Tiki Cat – Born Carnivore Food

This cat food is one of the best in the market. Most of you may wonder what exactly makes the Tiki Cat – Born Carnivore Food so popular amongst cats. It is made with a combination of nutritious oils that include salmon oil as well. This cat food comes with a low-carb content that makes it an excellent option for cats. This is simply because cats fail to ingest water like dogs. This may sometimes prove to be a bit scary when you switch your cat to a dry food diet.

The Tiki Cat – Born Carnivore Food is filled with all the essential nutrients and also comes packed with protein. As a result of this, cats will visit the litter box less often. It will also mean less dust, less waste, and lesser crumbs.

Another benefit of giving your cat the Tiki Cat – Born Carnivore Food is that it will significantly improve the quality of the animal’s coat. It will become shinier and softer. Their energy levels will also improve with time. Vets also recommend this brand of cat food since it can easily help your pet with weight issues and make the animal much healthier and happier with time.


  • It has real chicken as the primary ingredient.
  • It is a meat based food that provides high fat and protein.
  • It is low-carb and food baked to preserve the flavor and the nutrients.
  • All the nutrient-rich superfoods, such as flaxseeds, salmon oil, and pumpkin seeds are present in the cat food.
  • It comes with 44% protein, which is way higher than most commercial brands.


  • Some users found it rather moldy
  • Some cats may feel sick after having it

Useful Guide to Buy the Best Low Carb Cat Food

You probably spend a lot of time choosing the right sort of food for yourself and your family. You also need to do the same with your pet cat. It is often seen that cats and dogs tend to gain weight if you keep on feeding them everything that the animals find tasty. Just like humans, obese cats may easily fall sick and grow various types of disease. This is why it is always recommended that you provide your pet cat with low-carb foods.

It is important for you to remember that cats love to have high-protein foods. However, for their own sake it is also important for you to give them low-carb diets. This is especially important if your pet is diabetic. Do remember that this type of recipe is not found in the majority of the commercial cat foods.

If your cat is diabetic or obese, your vet will prescribe such type of cat food. This type of food will be able to reverse their health complications. However, if you prefer to mark the diet of your cat yourself, it will be better to discuss it with your vet first.

Low-Carbohydrate Cat Food

This sort of food comes with a low percentage of carbs as compared to most of the commercial brands of cat foods. If you come across a cat food that claims itself to be low-carb, then it should not contain more than 12% carbs in it. It is not that cats cannot digest carbs. However, it is not good for their health at all. It is usually seen that cat food carbs come with starchy veggies and even grains.

Calculating Carbs in a Cat Food

You will notice that manufacturers calculate the total amount of carbs in their cat food products and portray them on the nutrition labels. It will not be a bad idea to check the labels yourself. If your cat leads a pretty sedentary lifestyle, then feeding the animal with a carb rich cat food may give rise to diabetes and even weight related issues. If it is a weight related problem with your cat, better go for weight management food instead of a low-carb food.

Factors to Consider

There are several types of cat food available at the stores. Since it is a matter of your own pet cat, it is better to practice precaution and choose the right sort of cat food carefully. Here are some factors to keep in mind while shopping for such a food for your pet cat.

  1. Always make sure that poultry, meat or even fish is the primary and number one ingredient in the cat food. These provide the right amount of protein to cats. When you notice an ingredient listed first in a list of ingredients, it will make up a majority of the recipe.
  2. Always make sure that you do not buy a cat food that contains fillers and meat byproducts. There are several manufacturers who tend to “bulk up” their cat food products with various types of non-nutritive ingredients. These include grains, meat byproducts, and even ash. Your cat is a member of your family and deserves to eat something worthwhile.
  3. Most of you do not know that barely 20% of the entire human population check the nutrition label on human food. However, when it comes to pet food, this percentage drops down significantly. Thus, it is always essential that you go through the nutrition label on your cat food before buying one for your pet.
  4. Always make sure that the protein content is at a minimum of around 50% to 60%. At the same time, the carb content should not exceed 12%. This type of cat food will keep the animal healthy and happy all the time.


Different cats come with different food and taste preferences. Different types of diet are needed for different cats. What is fed to an active cat will not be suitable for a lazy one and vice versa. Thus, if your cat shows signs of any health complications, it is always better to consult with your vet before you decide to change the diet of the pet. If needed, you may also ask your vet to recommend some cat food brands so that you know for sure what you are buying for your beloved cat.

Carbs versus Protein

It is always better to educate yourself about the various nutrients available in foods. No matter whether it is a cat food or dog food or human food, once you know about the pros and cons of different nutrients, you can always ensure a proper diet for you, your family members and pets. Try and find out more about low-carb content, high-quality protein, and commercial foods. These three, if mixed in the right proportion, can give you a highly nutritious food.

In an ideal food, carbs should be between 2.8% and 12%. At the same time, fat content should range between 22% and 36%. When it comes to protein, it should range from 52% to 63%.

It is important for you to note that an ideal cat food should always lay on the lower side of the carbs spectrum. This is because it resembles the most with its natural diet. If you fail to find the cat food that comes closer to the preferred range, it is better to do your best.

Out of the 5 cat foods discussed above, the best of the lot was Dr. Tim’s – Premium Natural Cat Food. It comes with a low-carb, high-protein formula along with L-Carnation. This helps to promote ideal lean body weight. It also comes with a unique fiber combination that minimizes hairballs and enhances immunity. The presence of fish oil provides DHA and EPA to your cat that improves their brain and heart functions and also gets rid of inflammation.

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