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Can Cats Eat Cranberries

Are Cranberries Bad for Cats & Kittens to Have? Fresh or Dried

Cranberries are always around us and one of the widely used fruit during Christmas. You have probably seen it in some shape or form or have eaten it during your holiday as a healthy snack. Apart from their nutritional facts, cranberries are also useful for us as a medicine. But what about the cats? How about sharing a small part of this highly nutritious fruit with the cats? Won’t that be a good idea? Well, before diving into deep, you have to first find out can cats eat cranberries or not? So, let’s sort things out.

Cranberries are generally categorized among the fruits. We may love to enjoy the sweet taste or savory taste of fruit, but cats won’t. They live on meat, and they will only tend to acquire nutrition from meat. That’s why feed cranberries to your cat are also going to be hard. In case if you have noticed that your cat is interested in the appealing texture of cranberries or has tried to steal some cranberries from your bowl, you have to first find the truth about cranberries.

Can Cats Eat Cranberries

I am not going to waste your time describing an entire diet chart for your cat. So, to answer your question is “yes,” cats can eat cranberries safely without any issues. Although most human foods aren’t safe for the cats due to their sensitive bowel, cranberries don’t have anything that can harm your cat. This is why you can feel free to allow a small number of cranberries for your cat.

Cranberries are loaded with different types of vitamins and minerals, which makes them an ideal food for cats. It is packed with vitamins A, C, and K. Moreover, they have minerals like magnesium, copper, and iron.

All of these can take part in the well-being of your cat’s body. It can ensure your cat’s optimal body functioning.

Besides, several studies have found that cranberries can aid both humans and pets who suffers from urinary tract infection. How? When cranberries enter our body, it makes the urine more acidic, which prevents the bacteria from growing. This means you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to fix the urinary tract issue of your cat. Simply provide her with some cranberries, and within a few days, you will notice the changes.

Some people also claim that cranberries also the oxalate level is the reason for bladder issue in the cats. But there is medical evidence to this fact.

So, if you have intended to provide your feline friend with the goodness of cranberries, you should contact your vet first. He knows the condition of your pet better, and that’s why he will obviously suggest the best for your feline friend.

Whether you make some juice or use it as a supplement, it will always be recommended to use a moderate amount only. Otherwise, you may notice some adverse effects on your cat. So, pay proper attention to that and ensure a healthy meal for your cat.

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