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Can Cats Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms are stapled foods that are used in various dishes. They are easily available and largely seen in the rainy season. Most importantly, they are one of the nutritious foods that we eat. So, how about sharing a piece of this nutritious food with the cat? Aren’t they also going to be benefitted? Or something worst will happen if they somehow ingested mushrooms? Okay, let’s start from scrap. Can cats eat mushrooms, or it’s going to harm them?

Due to the carnivore nature of the cats, they are vulnerable to some human foods. They can’t eat everything a human can eat. So, the foods that are beneficial to your health can be dangerous to your cat. You may not have intended to harm your cat, but if you provide them anything unusual, it can lead them to several health issues. Sometimes it can even lead them to death. You will definitely want that for your cat. That’s why before diving into deep, you should learn how mushrooms are going to act in your cat’s stomach. Okay, we have talked much, now, let’s find out the real answers.

Can Cats Eat Mushrooms

Well, the answer is pretty mixed. It’s partially yes and partially no because it depends on the type of mushroom. Most mushrooms from the stores are safe as they are processed in a specific way. Cats can eat those mushrooms without any complications. It won’t trigger any health issues, and they may also enjoy the taste of those mushrooms.

But it is best to avoid foods that contain fungi. Even after that, if you wish to feed some mushrooms to your cat, you can use a smaller amount for them.

However, you must beware of the wild mushrooms. Those are dangerous and poisonous for the cats. So, put a fence, lock your cat, or do whatever you want; just make sure your cat is not eating the wild mushrooms. The wild mushroom can trigger several health issues, and you may have to pay a visit to the hospital for that. Sometimes it can even trigger your cat.

You might have noticed that your cat is willing to taste your mushroom recipe when you are preparing it in your kitchen. Well, they usually do it out of their curiosity. They are just curious about the taste and want to enjoy it in the same way you have enjoyed it. It might seem strange, but honestly, it is the real science behind the fact.

You are allowed to share a small portion of your recipe with them but make sure not to fill their bowl with any mushroom recipes. Cats usually live on meat and gather their bodily nutrition from meat. Mushrooms are not on the list of their foods, not even the fruits and vegetables. So, feeding a large number of mushrooms can be dangerous for them too.

It is strongly recommended to take your vet’s suggestion for this. They are experts, and they will have a better idea of your cat’s health condition. And if they find that mushrooms are safe for the cats, they will also select the amount of mushroom that should be used for the cats.

What Are the Signs a Cat Has Eaten Poisonous Wild Mushrooms?

According to the experts and vets, you may see these signs and symptoms in your cat.

  • Within a couple of hours, you may notice mild to severe vomiting.
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Severe drooling
  • Skin and eyes begin to turn yellow.
  • Unsteady balance and more

If you notice any of these symptoms, you must call your doctor as soon as possible. As I have told you, poisonous mushrooms can also cause death to your cat. These symptoms are only the beginning; the worst thing is waiting for your cat.

Autumn is literally the best season for hunting mushrooms. During this time, the wild mushroom is seen everywhere. If you have got a cat that roams in your backyard, you must pay proper attention to them throughout the mushroom season. A full-grown mushroom may seem interesting to them, and as I said, they may prefer to have a bite out of their curiosity. Keep this in mind before letting them roam outside.


It is better to use the mushrooms as an occasional treat but don’t use them as a continuous diet. Hopefully, you have understood the above facts and understood the relation between mushrooms and cats. Feel free to ask anything through the comment section below.

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