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Can Cats Eat Pizza

Is it Safe for Cats & Kittens to Have Pizza Crust?

There is nothing like pizza. It is yummy, delectable, and irresistible. Some of us can’t even live without pizza. So, why not share this delicious taste with our feline friend? As you love your cat from the core of your heart, you will definitely want to ensure the best of the best for your cat. That’s a sweet bonding, and there’s no problem in this bonding. But the only enemy that can harm this bonding is the sensitive bowel system of your cat. You will definitely not wish to harm your cat, but when you give anything unusual to your cat, you are going to harm your cat unknowingly. So, before giving anything to your cat, you need to first find out whether it’s going to harm your cat or not. The case is the same with the pizzas too. Now, let’s find out can cats eat pizza, or it is going to be your worst decision to give pizzas to them.

Can Cats Eat Pizza?

The answer to this question is partial yes and partially no. This is because pizza is okay; it is mostly non-toxic. It will be a perfect item that can be used as your cat’s treat. But the only problem with them is they have an additional topping and are processed through several seasonings.

Well, that’s where you have to pay proper attention. Pizza doesn’t provide the required amount of nutrients for your cat; only its great taste and flavor may attract your cat. But beware of the seasoning. Cat’s bowel system can’t tolerate any types of seasoning elements like garlic toppings, added sugar or salt, etc. This can lead your cat to several digestive issues like diarrhea, bloating, several types of gas caused issues, and more.

This can make your cat suffer a lot. That’s why not matters what you do; just make sure to avoid the seasoning or any types of additives. Trust me; it will give your cat unbearable suffering that you haven’t seen before.

Is Pizza Safe for the Cats?

Theoretically, a simple bite of pizza is safe for the cats. It won’t cause any problem. Make sure to inspect your cat closely how it is affecting your cat. If you notice any unusual behavior or any symptoms of potential diseases, you need to stop giving pizza to them immediately.

You see, the digestive system varies in different types of cat breeds. If your cat somehow manages to tolerate pizza, you can feel free to use pizza as an occasional treat.

In order to avoid the seasoning elements, it will be better if you prepare the pizza in your home. You will then gain adequate control over your pizza ingredients and avoid those items that are harmful to your cat.

The problem is solved, I think. But there is something more where you need to pay more attention. You will definitely want to provide your cat with something nutritious, right? But the problem with the pizza is that they are not as nutritious as a cat will need.

Even if you make it with the safest ingredients, it will still lag behind providing the required amount of nutrition that a cat needs to maintain its body at an optimal condition.

We all know that cat depends on meat and used to gather the required nutrition from the meat. In this case, vegetables are completely useless for them. Some vegetables are healthy, and they can be extremely nutritious for our health, but the same vegetables can be a reason for your cat’s illness.

So, keep these things in mind when you have intended to use this pizza addition in your cat’s bowl.

What Are Dangerous Part of Feeding Pizza to a Cat?

When you are going to feed some pizza to your cat, you have to make sure to pick the pizzas without any added toppings. This is because those pizzas can upset your cat’s digestive system.

Besides, it is a big no to the garlic and onions are also in this list. Too many spices, hot sauces are also a great concern for the cats. Make sure to avoid all of these if you don’t want to see your cat suffer.


Overall, pizza isn’t healthy food when you are giving it to the cats, so it is always recommended to give a smaller amount only. In fact, there are several nutritious foods that can be used as a substitute for pizza. Try to use them.

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