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Can Cats Eat Rice

Rice is one of the popular cereals that is used for worldwide consumption. It comes in a wide variety, and in some countries, people use it as the main food. The good thing about the rice is that it is rich in calories, carbs and also has a smaller amount of vitamin B. All these things make it undoubtedly one of the essential food items for our body. So, how about sharing a smaller amount with the cats? Can they tolerate rice? I mean, can cats eat rice, or is it going to be the worst decision you have ever taken? Things are needed to be sorted out.

Cats are carnivores, and that’s why their digestive system is more sensitive than others. What you eat and what you enjoy aren’t going to be equally enjoyable for your cat. In fact, some foods can also lead to several health issues and make them suffer a lot. That’s why before sharing a portion of rice, you need to first find out how it is going to act in your cat’s tummy. So, let’s is rice really beneficial or poisonous for your cat.

Can Cats Eat Rice?

Actually, the answer is the combination of both. This is because it depends on the age, body, and health condition of your cat. Every cat is unique, and each of them has a specific digestive system.

However, rice is not a toxic food, and it’s not going to do any harm to your cat. In this regard, your cat can eat rice but only a moderate amount. Too much rice intaking can be dangerous for them. It is not on the list of their food item, and that’s why they are not going to be suitable for your cat. That’s why you should avoid allowing too much rice.

Rice means grain. The digestive system of a cat isn’t actually designed to digest grainy foods. We humans don’t feel any complications to digest rice and any other grainy foods, but it is the hardest thing for a cat. They usually have to put a lot of effort to digest rice.

So, it is strictly forbidden to avoid using a large amount of rice. Otherwise, your cat may face several digestive intolerances, like diarrhea, bloating, gas, and even obesity.

Can Cats Eat Brown Rice?

A smaller amount of brown rice is okay. It won’t cause any issues in your cat’s bowel. But beware of the larger amount.

However, brown rice does contain some nutritional facts that work for the well-being of your cat. In fact, several veterinarians suggest using brown rice as an occasional treat, especially if they have been encountered with diarrhea.

Brown rice is also rich in fiber, which works for the well-being of your cat and ensures the proper body functioning of your cat. In fact, it also aids constipation so that you can remain healthy.

In this case, you can use boiled plain rice without adding any additives to it. Remember, all types of addition, like salt, oils, or seasoning, can be dangerous for your cat. So, make sure to avoid them when you are preparing the food for your cat.

Can Cats Eat White Rice?

White rice is almost the same as brown rice. And that’s why the rule is the same for both of them. You can give a moderate amount to your cat without being worried about any sorts of harmful side effects. Just make sure not to add too much rice to your cat’s bowl.

White rice lacks to deliver the same amount of nutrition value compared to brown rice. That’s why it won’t affect much. But the harsh consequence of each rice is the same.

However, both of the rice is reaching in the carb, which can lead your cat to obesity. And obesity will cause several types of health issues, ultimately.

That’s not all; feeding too many carbs to your cat can also cause diabetes. Carbohydrate raises the sugar levels, which means if you continue this diet, your cat will sooner or later be encountered by diabetes. Honestly, higher carbohydrate intaking has several other health issues. Some of them are:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Lack of appetite
  • Inability to jump
  • Constant urination
  • Vomiting


Hopefully, you have understood the facts and the true connection between rice and cats. Look, if you are using any high-quality foods, you won’t have to depend on the nutrients of rice. The foods are already enriched with the required amount of vitamins and minerals. So, try to find one of them.

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