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Why Do Cats Sleep at the Foot of the Bed

Why Does My Cat Sleep By My Feet in the Corner of the Bed?

If you own a cat, that means you have noticed all or perhaps some of their weird behavior over time. You may have found out the reason behind some of them. Here we will solve another of your confusion, which is why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed. If you do not care for your cat’s kind of behavior too much, this question may not bug you at all. But some of you might be a lot bother by the specific position of your cat’s sleeping, and hence you want to look up for the answer.

There are many reasons behind this particular behavior of a cat. We will discuss everything in further discussion. But you should know that this sleeping habit is nothing too severe or dangerous. Instead, it is something you would feel happy that your cat is like that. All cats have their distinct features of behavior, just like your cat. The reason we are going to tell you why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed may not all be true for your cat, but you will surely know the reason why they do this. 

So, without any further ado, let us see the reason for that.

Reasons Why Do Cats Sleep at the Foot of the Bed

We will explain in some simple reasoning why your cat may have this particular habit of sleeping at the end of your bed around your foot. The reasons are quite simple, and they will make you want to love and protect your little friend forever! 

To Protect Themselves

The first reason we are going to list for why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed is that cats want to protect themselves. Well, you may think like they are sleeping with you on your bed. Then why would they feel unsafe? 

To answer this question, you should know that cats have a great sense of survival. When they are dozing off, they may feel safe around you, but their survival instinct is still going on. That is one reason why they choose at the end of the bed to escape quickly if any emergency starts.

Also, when you are sleeping, you probably roll around once or twice. Do cats think that what will happen if you suddenly roll on top of them? That could endanger their lives. That is why they choose the position at the end of the bed for sleeping as there are only your feet, and they will get plenty of space to sleep comfortably. Your feet will not be able to harm them too much.

To Protect You

Another reason is that they want to protect you. Yes, cats think just because you are taking care of them, it is their duty to protect you from all kinds of danger. This is their way of showing you how much they love you.

The end of the bed is the open space where they can see everything. They choose this position because if some intruder arrives, they have to cross the cat before reaching you. By the time, your cat will be able to fight them back or at least warm you. They think they are repaying you for all the good deeds you are doing for them by protecting you. 

A Good Space

As we have already mentioned, you only have your feet at the end of the bed. Even though cats love to curl up in a ball and are known to be liquid for fitting any small area, they still love to have adequate space, especially when sleeping. The end of your bed with only your feet should be the perfect position where they can sprawl down as much as they like.

Cats will also move around the space of your head. But they will restrain themselves from sleeping around your body when you are sleeping. Your body is going to cover up a lot of space when you are moving around. That is lead the cat to have less space than they might get at the end of the bed. 

Mark the Territory 

We all know that cats can be very possessive, and they are territorial. They love to have their own space to themselves. When you first bring them to your home, they will not take too much time to get used to the place. They will soon try to mark their territory where they will not allow a stranger to pass through.

So, when they are going to sleep, they also want to sleep in a place that is marked to be their territory. The end of the bed is a good position for them to claim as a territory. Space does not have much of your body parts and has enough room for them to sleep comfortably. That is the reason why they choose the end of the bed for sleeping.

To Sleep in a Good Temperature 

Cats love to be in warm condition. They will snuggle around anywhere they find warmth. So, you might be thinking, why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed when it is freezing there? Well, as much as your cat loves to be in a warm place, sleeping around your body will make them get too hot.

As you should already know that cats will sleep at the end of the bed at first but eventually, they will move on to the place around your head. The reason for that is that the space around your head has more warmth.

The cats do not sleep around your body area because out of all the spaces in bed, that area is very hot. Due to your blood pump and body heat, the heat radiation of that space around your body is too hot. At night cat will not be able to take it. 

But the foot of your bed has the perfect heating system. They are going to get heat from your foot. Also, they will be able to have a cooling sensation due to the open space. When they feel too cold, they are going to move on top of the bed for warmth. 

Night Vision 

Cats have night vision, which is known to everyone. They will be likely to sleep less when it is dark as they are able to see everything clearly. But they have the tendency to fall asleep when their human is also sleeping. That is why they choose the foot of the bed!

At the foot of the bed, they get the full view of the whole room they are in. With their night vision, they will be able to look out through the entire room. This is another way for them to ensure their and their owner’s safety. 

No Disturbance 

As we have said before, at the end of the bed, there is more space for them. But the end of the mattress only has your foot, which means there will be no disturbance for them when they are sleeping. At the top of the bed, they can hear your breathing or the sound when you move around, which would disturb them in their sleep. 

The senses of cats always stay alert so that they are able to move away if some danger appears somewhere. That is why, with a little sound, their sleep gets interrupted quickly. Even your breathing sound will wake them up. But around the foot, there will be no sound, and they are able to sleep properly. 

Free Movement

This will be linked up to the previous reason for having adequate space. Cats may not be sleeping all the time when you are sleeping. They know that if they move too much, your sleep will get disturbed. When they are sleeping at the end of the bed, they will be able to move whenever they think they need to. They will also get to their sleeping position when they are sleeping, and if they do not want to sleep, they will simply roam around the house with their night vision on. 

Final Thoughts

That was all you need to know for why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed. The reasons are very simple. They mostly do it as gratitude to their owner for taking care of them. Also, to save themselves from an unwanted situation. Whatever the reason is, you should feel affectionate towards your cat because they are choosing the position thinking of you! All cats are like that. Although they have many weird habits, they are still very cute in nature. They are always thinking about you and how to keep you safe. All of these because you are good for them. They love to stay close to you even when they are sleeping as it will ensure them of the affection they long for. And sleeping at the end of the bed is one way of doing it for them.

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