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Can Cats Eat Cherries


Fruits are considered the best food to keep your health in good shape. Always doctors prefer eating fruits for the betterment and curing of diseases. Cherry is such a fruit which is used for everyday decoration purposes on cakes and ice-creams. This fruit’s bright red color gives the recipe an aesthetic value, and the taste also enhances. 

But when you have a pet in your house, then there are specific issues that you need to consider. Cherries are highly beneficial for humans, but in pet cats, the advantages do not work in the same manner. There will be slight differences and specific effects on the health of your cat if you feed cherry. 

Naturally, your cat will want to taste this fruit. This is their inborn tendency to get attracted to bright and peculiar objects. And when it is a food item, then there is no doubt your cat will want to get a look at it. For this reason, today, we will discuss all the pertinent aspects of feeding cherries to cats. 

Are Cherries Suitable for Cats?

We know that cats are not inclined to eating fruits. They always want to feed on fish and meat. The digestive system of a cat is mainly based on processes that always easy digestion of meat. Thus we can infer that protein is the leading food for cats. But sometimes you can offer those fruits. Fruits are not at all harmful for felines. 

When you have fruits in your house, your cat might want to have a bit. The bright color and shape of the fruit sometimes attract them. In such cases, you can offer them some fruits. In the case of cherries, some parts are not suitable for your cat. So when you decide to provide cherry fruit to your cat, we highly suggest that you only offer the pulp portion. 

Offering the shrubs will harm the body of your cat. Thus, we would like to propose that you provide cherries to your cat, but you should be very sincere while offering the fruit and giving them in small quantities. Feeding in moderation will not affect their health. Instead, it will be helpful to breakdown the monotony of their diet. 

Health Benefits of Cherries for Cats

We have already known that cherries are applicable for cats, but you should always offer them in small quantities. Cherries contain essential ingredients that are beneficial for cats. There is a high amount of anti-oxidants present in cherry. There is also an adequate amount of anti-inflammatory elements present in this fruit. 

These are always required to maintain the perfect health of your cat. This fruit will readily prevent the oxidative stress of your cat. In this manner, your cat will quickly get rid of chronic diseases. Cherries will reduce the possibility of chronic infections and cancers for your cat. These elements also help to reduce premature aging and mental degradation for cats. 

There is a polyphenol in cherries; this is highly instrumental in preventing cellular damage. This element also boosts cats’ immunity, and there is a high rate of reducing inflammation for cats. We all are quite familiar with arthritis, and this is a common disease in cats. This disease can quickly weaken the health of your cat, and it can also cause paralysis. 

For this reason, you should be very careful about offering foods that do not cause these diseases. Thankfully cherries contain an ingredient that can prevent your cat from arthritis. Moreover, there is another harmful health problem of cats, which is termed gout. This is more detrimental than arthritis, which is the malfunction in a cat’s body due to excessive uric acid build-up. 

Feeding cherries can also reduce gout in your cat. Gout can lead your cat to acute inflammation, which will have a devastating effect on your cat. We know that cats always love to sleep. They never have insomnia. But sometimes, your cat might get insomnia, and certain environmental factors can be a reason for this issue. 

But you do not need to worry because there are ingredients included in cherry that will induce sleep for your cat. So when you observe that your cat suffers from lack of sleep, feeding two cherries might act as an analgesic for your beloved feline. When your cat does not get proper sleep, then it will become self-destructive. They will continuously scratch their paws and remain in a bad mood. 

The possibility of such a situation is more likely to happen when your cat is trying to acclimatize to a new environment. Besides, the amount of fiber and water content in cherries is relatively high so that you can feed this to your feline, and it will surely help in the digestion of your cat. In this way, your cat obtains various benefits from eating cherries in small quantities.

Are Cherries Harmful to Cats?

Sometimes the most beneficial fruit can be insidious, so you must take the proper help of a vet before offering all types of fruits to your cat. In the case of cherries, we have already discussed the beneficial aspects of feeding them to your cat. But you must be very sincere because the herb portion of cherry is highly detrimental for your cat. It can cause poisoning to your cat. Specific symptoms will make you understand whether your cat is suffering from poisoning or not. 

The level of toxicity caused by cherry poisoning is relatively mild in cats. But if your cat eats a large number of cherry plant materials, it will develop severe issues. Your cat will have a bright red mucous membrane, and oxygen levels might fluctuate. Dilating of the pupil and shocks are also a firm symptom of cherry poisoning. So it would be best if you were very careful about these symptoms and must take the help of a vet on all occasions.


Lastly, we hope that the information we have stated here will surely help you get a clear conception about feeding cherries to your vet. But for the betterment of our readers, we would again like to emphasize offering a small amount of cherry occasionally and take the vet’s help if any unwanted situation arises. Thank you, have a good day. 

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