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Stalking Cat – Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner was born on 27th August, 1958 in the United States of America and was known for his extreme body modification. He wished to resemble a tigress and had got through his goal after going through 14 surgical procedures. He holds a record in the world for “most permanent transformation to look like an animal”.  He chose his pseudonym as Stalking cat.


Avner grew up in Suttons Bay, Michigan but was born in Flint, Michigan. As he grew up, he became a sonar technician in the Navy. In the year 1981 he left his job at the navy and started working as a technician and a programmer in San Diego, California. In the first half of 1980’s he started his new vision which was very close to his heart, Body modification. He wanted so much to look like a tigress. This was because he had a liking for tigress. He started to change his appearance repeatedly by tattooing and going through many surgical procedures because he believed in the ancient Wyandot tradition.

 Although it was his personal belief, he never practiced the tradition. He told many of his friends that he had been raised in a tribe and had been asked by the tribe members to change the form to a tiger. When he lived in San Diego he went to a furry convention where he met Tess Calhoun. In the coming years both of them became good friends. He was also on friendly terms with Calhoun’s husband Rick Weiss. In 2005, he along with both Rick and Tess moved to Washington, on Whidbey Island, as the couple had relocated because of work. He was 47, when he moved there. It was a small town so he stood out from the rest of them and thus many articles were written but him. However, they did not write anything which would be positive about him.

The Trio were very active both online and at various furry conventions. They had many gatherings monthly for members belonging to the furry community which was often held at their home. He was a famous personality in the furry community and also had a biography written on Wikifur. In the year 2007 he started facing financial problems and posted online that he was searching for a new house to live. His friends could no longer support him. In the month of September 2007, Stalking Cat moved to Nevada. Nothing much was known about him until his death. On November 5th in the year 2012 his body was found in the garage. He was 54 years old when he died.

Some Body Modifications

The body modification of Stalking Cat was done by Steve Haworth who was an artist based in Arizona. However, the first tattoo was done on Avner by the tattoo artist Larry Hanks in San Diego, California. His body modifications were 14 in total, some of them were as below:

  •       Extensive tattooing, facial tattooing
  •       Flattening his nose, via septum relocation

·        Facial subdermal implants to change the shape of his brow, forehead, and the bridge of his nose.

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