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Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks and Cry? Meow Funny

If you have ever had a pet cat, you more than likely already know how weird they can be sometimes.  However, that is also the same reason that you probably love your cat so much.  With that being said, you may have noticed that one of the weird habits your cat has is to carry your socks around the house with them, often times meowing as they do.

You may be wondering why it is that your cat will bring you socks?  While it is not going to be with absolute certainty, the reason that your cat brings you your socks is more than likely something with the natural instinct to hunt and share the prey that they have come across.  They do this to help teach you how to hunt as well.  If that is not why your cat brings you your socks, then it is because they are simply having fun.  

Here are some of the reasons that your cat may bring you your socks.

They are Trying to Help You Learn how to Hunt

The most popular theory on why your cat brings you your socks is thought to be that they are doing their best to help you learn how to hunt.  You see, studies have been done and have found that cats who are spayed will be the most likely to share their gory gifts with their owners.  Just rest assured that this does not go without any meaning.

Out in the wild, cat moms must teach their young how to hunt and eat food.  They do this by bringing home injured and dead prey.  This same natural instinct is not going to disappear just because they are now considered to be ‘domesticated’.  But if your female cat is spayed, she will more than likely not have any young to teach how to hunt and eat.  This means that you now get lessons on hunting your socks.

What can make this habit even worse is if your cat is an indoor house cat.  If they are and they don’t have any prey to hunt, your sock is more than likely going to be the next thing in line for them hunt.  

Your Cat Is Basically a Feline Version of a Retriever

There is something that is known as a feline retriever, which is basically a very unique but not unusual behavior in cats that simply like to bring you things.  They can vary from random items that can be found around your home (such as your socks) and be delivered to you by your cat as a type of game.  

Essentially, your cat is trying to play with you, that game being the game of fetch.  Normally done with wool socks, some cats will even take as far as to go into your clean laundry basket and find your socks that way.  

The one thing that makes this even more interesting is the fact that different breeds of cats are going to be more prone to playing this game with you.  A study done found that Siamese cats were the ones most likely to try and play this game of ‘fetch’, the majority of cat breeds performing this behavior coming from that of oriental breeds of cats.

They Are Having Fun

While there is no denying the fact that most of the things your cat does is somehow influenced by the multiple thousands of years of evolution and instinct that they have gone through, there is a chance that your cat has decided to bring you a sock because they think that it is simply fun.  Most of the play that your cat does is going to imitate hunting behavior, meaning that it would not be anything unusual to have your cat walking around with some type of prey in their mouth.

Normally, if your cat did catch some type of prey, they would usually bring it back to a place that they would safely be able to eat it.  While this is not going to mean that your cat wants to eat your sock, at the very same time, you can’t argue with the fact that your cat may feel as though they are walking around with a smelly dead animal whenever they are walking around with one of your socks in their mouth.

At the end of the day, you can rest easy if your cat is walking around with one of your socks in their mouth.  

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