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Best Cat Shock Collar

What are the Top Electronic Shock Collars for Cats?

If you have a cat which is very stubborn, and it loves to go to areas which are forbidden in your house. How your naughty pets show very aggressive behavior towards your other pets or you which you want to stop. They might be very cute and soft furry friends but sometimes they rashly behave and not at their best behavior. Thus, many cat owners ask for help from trainers or professionals while some tame their cats with the help of cat shock collars.

Some of the Best Cat Shock Collars

1. TBI Pro Upgraded Cat Training Collar

This device tames your cat in a more humane way and trains them well. The gadget vibrates when out pets misbehave in turn correcting them.

Package Inclusion and Model Information:

    1 x Batteries: 1 AA batteries required (included)

    Manufacturer: TBI Pro

       ASIN: B07LB1L3J9

    Item Weight: 150 gm

    Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.6 x 5.8 x 2.5 Centimeters

    Item model number: V87

    Manufacturer: TBI Pro

    Product Dimensions: 7.62 x 5.84 x 2.54 cm; 150 Grams


  • It has a long battery life and it generally lasts for days and the best part is it can be fully charged in a couple of hours.
  • The gadget is weatherproof and waterproof which allows it to be used in all seasons.
  • Its remote can reach long range and can even cover up to 1600 feet. Thus, allowing you to train your pets uninterrupted.
  • The device features a training mode that has vibration along with sounds when they are in use. This comes in very handy to train your pets.
  • The level of vibration can be adjusted as per the temperament of your cat.


  • The size is a bit bigger as it can be used for dogs as well. So, for some cat species the collar is not appropriate as the size is too big.
  • The pairing of the collar and the transmitter is a bit difficult.

2. zhyUS Shock Collar for Cat

These collars are also very famous as they are humane and safe collar gadgets for cats and can help you put an end to the aggressive and annoying behavior of your pet. Its design is based on progressive learning. The device helps you to achieve your goal step by step. It has a variety of colors which are very vibrant and colorful. It has three training modes which are very effective. There is a beep option if you want to summon or remind you cat. There are 15 different commands which are fed into the gadget.

Package includes:

1 x lanyard for Remote Transmitter

1 x Collar Receiver

1 x Remote Transmitter

1 x Adjustable Belt

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Charger

2 x Sets Contact Points

1 x User Manual


  • Perfect for small pets like cats as the size is specially made for them.
  • You can train two pets with the device at once. It has a remote transmitter which can work at once for two receivers.
  • Long lasting rechargeable batteries which are highly effective and allow you to train your cats anywhere constantly.
  • There are different variations of shock which can be well adjusted as per the temperament of your cat and even can be changed into sleep mode when the training is completed.
  • It can withstand snow and rain as it is waterproof.
  • This product goes for all kinds of cats and dogs.


  • Some users find the controls a bit confusing. It is always better to get the commands right before using the electric shock option.

3. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier

This product will restrict your cat to be in limit and if they don’t follow the limits the transmitter will send an electric shock signal to the collar. The barrier which is virtual will keep your cat off limits to areas which are restricted. The device emits high pitch sounds and emits static energy which corrects the pets when they cross the virtual barrier made by you.

Package Includes:

1 x Operating and training guide.

1 x Collar strap.

1 x Test light tool.

1 x Barrier transmitter (3 alkaline AAA batteries required, not included).

1 x Receiver collar with two 3-volt lithium batteries.


  • The device provides numerous areas of protection. It generally covers 6- feet range thus keeping your cats in a restricted zone.
  • The outdoor barrier is about 8 feet to 150 feet and helps you stop behavior which is unwanted.
  • You have the option of taming numerous pets. The only thing you need to purchase is additional collars for your cats and add to the device system.
  • The best part is that the collar can fit into different sizes of cats.
  • You are also getting a customer service option which is reliable. You just have to give them a call.


  • You should always make sure that the training aid is adjusted properly and its shock intensity is appropriate as this device delivers the intensity automatically and might not be good for your cat’s tolerance.

4. Exuby Tiny Shock Collar with Remote

This Shock collar is for both cats and dogs and easily fits to tiny cats and dogs. The remote control helps you to correct the behavior of the cats and dogs. It is generally known as the smallest collar in the market. It has very good performance and lasts long.

Package inclusion and Model information:

Item Model Number: EXBTZ812

Product Dimensions: 5.08 x 2.54 x 5.08 cm; 56.7 Grams

Manufacturer: eXuby


1 x Batteries: Lithium ion batteries required (included)


  • The face plate is customizable and thus makes your cat look fashionable. The remote control is sleek.
  • There are nine level of intensities which has sound, shock mode and vibration options.
  • The quality of the product is highly reliable and is made up of reliable materials.
  • The device comes with rechargeable batteries so there is no need of buying batteries.
  • As the remote control has a screen which is illuminated thus allowing you to read and understand the options with great ease.


  • The product is not recommended for a longer period of time.

5. Aetertek Rechargeable Training Collar

The collar is designed for large cats or smaller dogs which generally weigh 10 to 50 pounds. It has multiple settings, warning beep and vibration options to suit your pet in a more humane way. Thus, making the training of your pets easier. You also get the services from customer care if you face any difficulty with the product.

Package List

1 x Transmitter.

1 x dog collar.

1 x User manual.

1 x Charger.

1 x Test kit.

1 x Receiver.

1 x pairs of correction prongs.


  • The manufacturing company has been in business for more than 10 years. It is a well-known brand which is famous for its training products such as fences and collars.
  • The pets with the neck diameter of 2 inches to 9 inches can use the TPU collar.
  • The remote provided can be used to control two pets and best suits for your adorable feline friends.
  • The LCD features the levels which can be used for training your cats.


  • Only some of the specific models are waterproof. So, check if the product which you have purchased has the feature or not and only then use it during the rainy season.
  • The batteries can survive only till 2 days.

Why Does Your Cat Needs Shock Collars?

 The most popular way to train your cat is by using shock collars. These are electronic gadgets which are used as training materials and are added to the collar of your cat. These gadgets send electric signals when your cats show aggressive behavior or are trying to enter the area which is restricted. These gadgets along with positive stimuli can stop your cats or dogs to do any behavior which is not accepted by you. The behavior which may not be accepted are aggression towards food, scratching on the wall, chewing of furniture etc.

Types of Training Collar

There are three types of training collars which are available in the market now.

  1. Remote control Collars: These are also known as remote controlled trainers. This device when activated by the cat owners delivers the shock feature. It is also very similar to the pet clicker which has the same remote-control options. It comes with a battery which is rechargeable and is resistant to water.
  2. Unmanned motion detector collar: Also known as the sound sensitive or motion detector collar. The features of this gadget serve as a fence which is invisible to your pet and restrains the movement of the pet till a certain location. Thus, your pet will be prohibited to move to certain areas which you deem unfit for them. The main purpose of this system is to contain your pet so that they are safe even though you are not around. It trains your pet in such a way that just by providing a small amount of shock or sound signal your cat will turn away from the location.
  3. Barking Collars: When your cat starts making loud noises the collar is automatically activated. The device produces beep sound, vibration and also has an electric shock option to control the meow of your cats.

Why Should Electronic Collars Be Used For Pets?

Different cat owners have different reasons why they want to use cat collars. Listed below are some of the popular reason which were given by the owners:

  1. The cats have a habit of going to many areas in the household that are restricted for pets such as counters of kitchen, dining table, rooms for babies, office table and many other places. These devices stop them from entering these areas by creating a virtual barrier for them.
  2. Many cats are aggressive in nature and you can stop this aggressive behavior by giving them training in a humane way by adding these gadgets to these shock collars.
  3. Some kittens have a habit of scratching and biting the furniture in your house. By adding the shock collar around their neck you can train them on what needs to be done and what cannot be done.
  4. The cats have a habit of going outside the house whenever they get a chance but if you slowly start training them with the electronic gadget, they will understand that going outside is not acceptable by you.

How to Use Shock Collars?

These gadgets work on the same principles as the dog shock collars. They are specifically designed for cats and are supposed to be worn around the neck. Most of the devices have different options which you can pick such as vibration options or sound or shock to be used according to the behavior pattern of your cat. The humane features of the device give warning by beeping when your cats do something which is not accepted by your pet. When the cats do something which they should not have done the cat owners can send signals from the remote to the collar signaling the cat that this should not be done by the pet. If you repeatedly send the signal this will deliver the message to your cat that the lousy behavior is not acceptable.

If something terrible is done by your cat the device will send a shock signal to the collar and a shock would be delivered instantly. Always make sure that the shock should be delivered when the cat has done the bad behavior so that they know that this behavior is not acceptable by their owners.

If the shock is delayed your cat might be confused as to what the electric signal was for or if the beeping or vibration sound is related to the behavior related to them. Thus, it will send an unclear message to your cat and the training will fail.

How to Choose a Cat Shock Collar?

As pet owner you should be thoughtful while you purchase shock collars. Listed below are some of the factors you need to consider before buying an electronic shock collar that suits your cat.

  1.     Stimulation Type: Shock collars have different simulation levels.
  2.     Tone: the type of stimulation provides a sound which is very repulsive and thus warns your cat whenever your cat enters the restricted zone or if the cat has done something against your liking.
  3.     Vibration: This stimulation is a kind of vibration or pulsation which is felt on the collar of the cat. This is the top favorite amongst the cat owners as it is a gentle and humane way of discipling your cat.
  4.     Static:  This one has electric shocks thus attracts the attention of your cat swiftly when the cat misbehaves.
  5.     Price: The cat shock collars are not very expensive. They are very helpful for training your cats. Suggestively the cost is less than their value.
  6.     Area coverage: Always buy a Shock collar that can cover immense areas. Cats get trained better when ample space is given.
  7.   Size and Fit: The length of the collars is different for small and large cats. So, you should always check the collar size before you buy them. If the collar you bought for the cat is smaller your cat might face danger. However, if the collar is incorrect it may not be effective while training the cat. The fit should be perfect to minimize the danger when the cat is roaming around near the areas such as fences, posts or branches of trees. The collars if loose can get stuck in these areas resulting in suffering for your most loved feline friend.
  8.     Material of the collar: The material you are using as the collar should be of good quality. Make sure the collar is stretchable and the texture is soft, water resistant and should be light weight as the cats have small bodies in general.
  9.     Batteries: Also make sure that the collar has a long battery life because training cats do take a lot of time. Check if the batteries on the shock collar are rechargeable as they have a longer life than the non- reusable ones.
  10.   More features to consider: You should always use the shock collar which has additional features that can make the training experience better for your cat. Some gadgets have different levels of stimulation and some provide LCD displays on the cat collar giving the information of the range, battery life and shock level selection while some are waterproof. Thus, making the training experience with your pet smoother.

Alternative Methods to Using Shock Collar

Many cat owners prefer a cat shock collar and the method is very useful to train your cats. However, not all your feline friends are raised in the same way.  Some owners don’t find these collars very effective and thus want to find alternative ways to train their cats. Listed below are some alternatives which are used by cat owners.

  •     Motion-activated Spray: This spray keeps your pet away from areas which are dangerous for them. The spray reacts quickly when your cat reaches the area which is restricted for them. It usually covers an area up to 3 feet and is reliable to train them.
  •     Rewards:  Many times rewarding your pets with a treat which they love very much makes them behave correctly. Many pet trainers suggest that pets behave nicely when they are subjected to threats or rewards instead of punishments.
  •     Distraction: Often your cats feel bored and thus they venture new areas looking to get new things or start scratching the walls or furniture, which can keep them busy. Many trainers suggest, cats do like to play with toys which easily eliminates the boredom of your cats. Some of the most helpful toys are scratcher, catcher’s wand.
  •     Fences and Gates: Cats can jump easily but if you place fences in the areas which are restricted for them it would make them understand in a nice and kind way that the areas are not for them.

Are cat shock collars dangerous?

Many people have raised their concerns over the safety of the pets when shock collars are used. Some have even questioned their effectiveness. Most of the cat owners believe that positive reinforcements encourage cats to behave properly. Rewards work wonders when compared to punishments. Some owners even think that shock collars may be life threatening to their feline friends. Even if the shock collars have less voltage it does cause a mild effect on the brain and heart which is not acceptable by most cat owners. Despite many side effects many people do train their cats with the help of cat shock collars according to different temperaments of cats. It is one of the vastly used training tools for pets. Some owners have got positive results. Their aggressive cats have now been tamed by using the device. You just have to make sure that the voltage of the cat shock collar and use it according to the size of your cat.

Cats generally are known for having bad temper and as it is hard to train them cat shock collars do help many owners to find peace of mind as they can train their cats properly in a more humane way. The cat shock collar does discipline the cats and provide visible results in a short time frame.  You should always consider that there might be some disadvantages and advantages of everything. So, you should be using the device with utmost precaution on your cats. It has some negative points but it is overshadowed by the positivity it provides the cat owners.

The best cat shock collar is the TPI Pro Upgraded Cat Training Collar. It comes with a long-lasting battery that can last up to 15 days in a stretch. It is both weatherproof and waterproof that makes it an ideal choice for any weather. The remote control with the collar also comes with a long-range.

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